Diğer Görseller


İt is used to clean cereals (flour, semolina etc.) from metal particles. The product received in the system enters from the upper NAZO and spreads through the rotor by means of the distributor. The rotor is rotated by being driven by the reducer. As the rotor structure, the inner magnet is fixed and the outer is movable. The magnet in the rotor is shaped as "D". One side is a magnet and the other side is neutral. The metal sticking on the magnet comes out from the magnetic attraction area when the metal collection on the lower part of the body passes on the side of the bunk, and the metal collection falls into the bunker and separates from the product.

Features :

♦ It is not necessary to clean the magnet drum with the rotor '' D '' structure and the scraper in the body.

♦ It has 10-250 capacity. There is no energy consumption because it is produced with natural magnets.

♦ Various models can be manufactured according to Plant capacity needs.